Dunas de Bilbao @ Coahuila


Near Torreón, in a municipality called Viesca, there’s these sand dunes that together with the mountains make up for an amazing landscape.

You can camp there and at the entrance there’s also an area with roofed tables, bathrooms and showers. We decided to camp the furthest away, on the dunes. The entrance fee to the place is 10 pesos per person.


The wind was a problem while setting up the tent because it ended up with lots of sand inside. We wandered around and had dinner with breathtaking stars above us. The next day we had breakfast and explored the zone to see the animal footprints on the sand, since they all go out at night.

At the end you’ll want to clean the sand off in the showers before leaving. They’re not super nice but for 10 pesos it’s overall a great deal.