ACL Weekend @Austin, TX



Our departure from Monterrey was at around 5:00PM and the destination that Thursday night was San Antonio, TX.

We crossed the border almost at 8:00PM, but we needed to get the permits. The lady at the checking point kind of scared us because Hannah didn’t had the ESTA paper with her (she wasn’t supposed to, because in the web it says it’s only for boarding a US-bound ship or plane) and told us that she needed to have it and she would have to pay a lot more for a permit. She pasted an orange paper on the car and immediately a disrespectful officer told us to get off it. So we waited in line, proceeded to pay our permits (and finally, Hannah only paid 6USD, the normal thing for europeans).

Vidi continued the drive to San Antonio, with a stop to eat at Whataburger. Him and me ate burgers and Hannah could only choose between fries and a shitty salad (she’s vegetarian). She chose the fries. We dropped Vidi off with his SA family and then went to the luxurious hotel I booked (just kidding, it was an Econo Lodge). It was good for being one of the cheapest options, they had Texas-shaped waffles for breakfast!


The next day, we headed to Austin. We took a route that was marked as faster by Google Maps (there was a lot of traffic because of ACL). We saw a sign that said Toll Road, so we were like “Ok, we’ll pay it, how much can it be?”. To our surprise we couldn’t pay, it’s some kind of prepaid service. Sorry T x Tag, we wanted to pay, but it’s confusing even for americans that don’t live in Texas (I read it online). As of today, I don’t know how much or how will they charge us for the violation.

Between the time to get to Austin, the getting something to eat and a pair of sunglasses, the checking in at the hotel and the time to get to Zilker Park, I missed Foals. I missed FOALS. Sad but ok, I was enjoying everything. At ACL we saw Tory Lanez, a bit of Flying Lotus, a bit of Corinne Bailey Rae and Die Antwoord, Flume (Vidi and Eddy went to see Band of Horses at this time) and Radiohead. I loved Radiohead, specially the Everything In Its Right Place/Idioteque transition. At the end, we took the free bus ride to Downtown Austin.



On Saturday we had a huge breakfast at Denny’s, went to the graffiti park at Castle Hills (Hope Outdoor Gallery) and the Blanton Museum of Art. We then tried to get tickets for ACL, since the plan was only to go on Friday. We failed. I was singing Trouble by Cage The Elephant as we walked back to the car. Then, we visited the Texas State Capitol and drove to the East side of the 6th Street. We found a cool place called The White Horse, they have live music, a dancefloor, the pecan porter beer I like so much and a chill patio with a “mexican” cuisine foodtruck. I remember going there back in 2013, the time of my first ACL (hi there Lalo, Alex, Paw & Dulce!) but I wasn’t allowed in because I was a minor. The night ended at Pluckers with a huge, really, HUGE order of boneless. It was the one-person boneless meal, but 2 can easily be satisfied with that. The boneless with the Hallelujah sauce were super good though!




The last day we visited Lake Travis. We bought some stuff at HEB to make a picnic and drove to a point where we saw a parking lot. On Google Maps it says Hippie Hollow Park, but it’s really Hippe Hollow Clothing Optional Nudist Park. We were the only ones with our clothes on! I wish we’d had more time to enjoy and swim in the lake. That was our last stop for the weekend. Oh and FYI, you can’t be nude in the parking lot and it costs 15USD per car.



Favorite phrase of the weekend: “No un picnic per se, sino tirar lonchecillo”. (Vidal, 2016)


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