Gathering @Quéretaro, MX.



It all began a few months ago. I met these friends at an architecture contest in Mérida, Yucatán. The group is so diverse and even though we have seen each other in person for only 13 days we get along really well.

Thurdsay, September 15, 2016. Though the departure from Monterrey was planned to be at 1:30PM we ended up leaving the city at 4:00PM and arriving to Querétaro at around 11:00PM, just when the Independence Day fireworks were lighted. After looking for the hostel and leaving our stuff there, we finally met our friends at a bar called Sirilo. Later on, we moved from place and at the end the girls from the group left to where the afterparty was going to be. Everyone’s phone was dead and they only said something like “White apartments, 114, near Tec, by the canal”. So we stopped a cab and told him if he could take us somewhere with those indications and he did knew where it was. We got there and started calling a friend’s name (“Xime!”) but no one replied. I checked my phone and had 1% left because I had airplane mode on, so we learned Ximena’s number and asked a Uber driver for his phone. Turned out that it was 112 and not 114 (sorry people from the 114).




The next day we had breakfast at a place recommended by Angie (Hostal Séptimo Arte’s manager, which is quite good for the price!). The recommendation was a french café called Breton. The place is really nice and the food was good, a little bit expensive but for the type of restaurant it’s overall good. Then, we visited what was available in the city (many places were closed because it was September 16). In the historic center: Plaza de Armas, Templo de San Francisco, Jardín Zenea, Plaza Constitución, Centro de Desarrollo Artesanal Indígena, Galería Libertad, Plaza de los Fundadores, Templo de la Santa Cruz, the aqueduct (built between 1726-1735) and walked around tons of streets. At night we went to a bar called “Gracias a Dios” (in front of Breton, where it says GAD on the main photo). It’s a cool place but very crowded.



The next day, we ate something at Mercado La Cruz and hit the road to visit Bernal’s boulder or “La Peña de Bernal”, Mexico’s biggest monolith and supposedly the 10th biggest monolith in the world. It’s an hour away from Querétaro, and to get to the highest point allowed you need around an hour too (you can climb higher but you need a permit). It is about 350 meters tall and was formed in the Jurassic period. According to our friend, Moni, we had to try wine ice cream, so we did. Also, the dude that sold us the ice cream told us that Tequisquiapan or “Tequis” was near and worth visiting. After having the ice cream at the main plaza we headed to Tequis, where we only wandered around the streets at night and had some really really good tacos before going back to Querétaro. Oh and I bought some wine there. We went out that night too, to Rhodesia Histórico (cool and crowded too) and an Irish Pub on the same street.



The last morning we had no breakfast, we went to eat at 1:00PM to a mall where Mike was picking up his BlaBlaCar ride. After that I drove to the only Decathlon store in Mexico because I wanted to buy my favorite running tee again (the other one I bought it at Granada, Spain in 2014) and just because I love seeing all the camping, biking, hiking, overall sport/outdoors stuff they have. Finally, Alex, Max and I headed back to Monterrey in my car, leaving Moni in San Luis Potosí on the way.


A piggy-chicken hybrid shaped cloud.

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