Belated 2014 Post #7


Milano, Italia – September 13-14, 2014


Since it was cheaper to fly from Budapest to Milan, and then from Milan to Madrid, I decided to visit Mariana (a friend who was just beginning her exchange semester too). I arrived to the Milano Centrale station and went to McDonald’s to get internet, bought something and then they told me the free internet was only for european phone numbers. Outside of the station there was this hotel that had Wi-Fi and I asked if I could buy a drink or something because I needed to contact my friend via Facebook. At first, the man told me it was not possible and then I think he felt pity for me and gave me the password for free (yay!).

I arranged with Mariana to meet at the Duomo di Milano but forgot to ask her number (I know, even a new friend of hers asked her something like: “How come you are friends and you don’t even have your numbers?”). So I took the metro, got there and luckily there was free Wi-Fi in the square. I found Mariana and 2 other friends of hers (I don’t really remember their names, I just remember one of them was from Belgium). We visited the Duomo, had a super delicious gelato (mine was 75% dark chocolate and pistachio) at CioccolatItaliani, walked around, did the spinning on the bull’s balls thing, had aperitivo and got to visit Mariana’s apartment building. It was a great day, but unfortunately her roomie felt awkward with me being there so I went to the Milano Centrale station to sleep (it was an interesting experience, and the first time I slept in a station). At 4:00 AM I took the bus to the airport and then slept in there too (now I can sleep everywhere, really). This was the last stop of the two-week trip prior to my exchange semester in Granada.



P.S. Mariana thank you and don’t worry about the sleeping in the station thing. I cry about it every night.


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