Belated 2014 Post #6


Budapest, Magyarország – September 9-13, 2014


After an uncomfortable trip, the ugly and old Orangeways bus (which vibrated a lot, though I couldn’t tell if it was the road or if it really was a super shitty bus) left us in front of a stadium, near the bus station of Budapest.

I crossed the street to get to the station and ask for information, buy food and charge my phone. At the information desk I asked if they had a map, and the lady in charge just pointed to a taped piece of paper with something written in hungarian (in my mind I thought something I usually say in spanish: “No mames”). I proceeded to change my money left from CZK to HUF and bought the cheapest piece of bread I found because I didn’t make a research about the price of the hungarian forint and couldn’t tell if it was normal or tourist priced. I charged my phone for about 5 minutes to see the Google Maps screenshots I had taken to get to my friend’s (Carlos) place and got out of the station.

I walked maybe 25 minutes, with 3 stops to ask people if I was going the right way, and finally arrived. The first thing I asked Carlos for was his washing machine and his shower. That same day we went to Margaret Island with a spanish friend of Carlos and a professor of his. It has nice landscapes and sights, including a japanese garden, ruins and a Buda-Pest sculpture I liked. On the way back to my friend’s place we used the metro, but he had the great (not) idea of telling me not to pay, that they didn’t check. I don’t know why I listened because I never do this kind of stuff but I ended up paying a penalty fine which sounded really scary in hungarian forints (8,000 HUF) but wasn’t finally that expensive.




Other things done the next days: going to the Great Market Hall and wandering around the area, climbing the Gellért Hill, relaxing at the Széchenyi Baths, visiting Hero Square, going shopping for pants because I ruined my burgundy ones, taking Carlos’ hungarian class, and multiple educational trips like the ones to Szimpla, Instant and other bars. Also, seeing the Parliament from the outside at night, walking along the Danube, passing through the Chain and the Liberty bridges and no, I didn’t visit the Buda Castle nor the Hero Square because I don’t know why.



Thanks to the hosts Carlos, Diego and Luis.



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