Belated 2014 Post #5


Praha, Česká republika – September 6 to 8, 2014


I arrived to Prague by bus (FlixBus, they’re good and cheap), I bought a piece of a spinach stuffed bread and started walking in the direction of Hostel Mango because my friend, Daniel, told me he was staying there. I got there after some walking and asked if they had a bed for me but I wasn’t lucky. Then I walked into a tourism office and they helped me out finding another hostel I liked, I chose one with a jazzy theme and they checked if they had room. They supposedly had, but when I asked the guy at the front desk told me it was all reserved. This place wasn’t at all close to the other one, so please imagine me walking and sweating around Prague as you read this.

Since I was tired and hopeless, I bought a beer at that last hostel and started looking for a place to sleep. I ended up at Hostel Mango’s website and I was able to make a reservation as I thought “What a bitch”. So I walked towards this hostel and showed them my reservation but the girl at the front desk said it was impossible, that they’re really full and that it was an error in their booking system (sorry front desk girl). She helped me find another one 10 minutes from there in the direction of the castle and told me that tomorrow there would be a bed for me. Then I thought “I’ll never travel without a reservation anymore” and up to now I haven’t been able to stand by that.

I finally got to take a shower and since my friend Daniel wasn’t answering, I arranged to go out with Markéta (a friend’s friend) and her friends. I went out to take the metro but on the way I found Daniel. I decided to stay with him and his friends since it was their last night in the city, and sent Markéta a message from Silvia’s phone.

The plan was a pub crawl. At the second bar Daniel bought me a beer and a friend of his puked on the carpet and had to pay 500 CZK for the cleaning. We kind of took care of him, checking if he was still on the table we left him every certain amount of time. Then Daniel started talking to an australian guy who wanted to show us his shitty dance moves and we got some free beers and tequila shots from him (thank you weird guy).  We ended up in a weird club that had like 5 levels, we spent most of the time in the level that played oldies and by now the friend that had puked was already dancing again. The night ended chatting on the Charles Bridge, where Daniel told me the tale he heard from a free walking tour (the one where if you touch the Svatý Jan Nepomucký relief you’ll come back to Prague). Yes, I touched it.

In the morning I washed my clothes, waited until my clothes were dry and took a shower to leave the hostel and check-in at Hostel Mango. I got there, left my stuff and went to meet Markéta near the Wenceslas statue at the square with the same name. When I told her where I was last night she told me that “normal people don’t go there”. We visited the Petřín hill and climbed to the observation tower at the top of the hill, we walked by the castle and then I had goulash with bacon dumplings (it was good but nothing special for me).





I bought some things to eat for breakfast at a supermarket and on the way back to the hostel I stopped to watch the sunset. When in the hostel’s kitchen, I hear in an english accent “Mate, do you know if there’s a supermarket near here?”. I answered that where I went wasn’t near and didn’t know if there was another one closer. Then I sat down at the table with him and started chatting. All of a sudden 2 girls come by and one asks “You’re coming with us?”. They all were going to look for a supermarket so I answered “Ok, let’s go”.   We found a mini market similar to those chinese shops in Spain. Dan (the israeli dude) bought food for dinner and the swedish girls (Matilda and Emma) bought candies. We headed back to the hostel and joined Dan for dinner.

The next day I met Dan in the patio and proposed going to a free walking tour. We did half of the tour, had burgers and visited the castle. Back at the hostel, I met 2 mexicans from Guadalajara and since I wasn’t able to buy my bus ticket to Budapest online, I went to the station. Then, also at the hostel, I met 2 german guys from Hamburg. Bastian offered me coffee and I accepted. I spent around 30 minutes with Dan, Matilda and Emma before leaving.



I went back to the Wenceslas square to meet Edita, a lovely czech girl with quite a peculiar style I contacted by Couchsurfing. We spent around 2 hours chatting about music, books, geek stuff and guilty pleasures at a cozy bar I liked a lot (there was even a dog inside!). She walked me to the metro station and gave me directions to get to the bus station. This is one of my most cherished moments at Prague and a really nice way to end the czech experience. Up to now we talk from time to time to share music recommendations and news.

So I got around 5 minutes late for the departure time to Budapest but the bus wasn’t there. I thought I had lost it but asked a polish couple if I was on the correct platform and I was. We talked about their experience in Mexico and what brought us to Prague. The bus arrived one hour and half late and the driver got off the bus yelling something I couldn’t understand, I just got “kaputt” (german for broken). Then another man walked down explaining the bathroom was not working. I used the station’s bathroom and got on the horrible and not at all like displayed on their website Orangeways bus to Budapest.



P.S. Edita, Matilda, Emma, Dan, Markéta and Bastian: I hope you’re doing great!


Express CDMX Visit 

I got the opportunity to see my friends Chuy and Julia prior their 3 week trip around Guatemala and Mexico (enjoy! 😊). We had little time but it was really good to meet again after some months.

Also, my friend David was in the city and we were going back to Monterrey in the same bus. So we met near the Alameda and headed to the bus station but I changed the plan because saw something interesting near the station when I arrived Saturday morning (it wasn’t near, it was 20 minutes away 😂).