Belated 2014 Post #4


Berlin, Deutschland – September 1 to 6, 2014


The plane landed at around 22:30h (15 minutes before what the ticket stated). It felt weird and great not having to wait to claim a suitcase (first time backpacking). As usual, I thought I knew how to get to Anna’s (my first couchsurfing host and the first polish girl I met!). I took a bus to the closest S-Bahn station and got off at the station that Anna told me, then I looked for the reference point she gave me (which was a yellow building) and started walking towards it. Since I felt I was mistaken, I stopped a hippie looking cyclist by yelling “Entschuldigen Sie! Quitzowstraße?”. He showed me the way (which was going down a staircase in the side of the yellow building), and I kept going as I thought “Fuck yeah, german classes paying off”.

After a 5 minute walk I arrived to the building, I rang the doorbell where I read Anna’s last name and when I heard a voice I just said “Anna?”, she immediately came down to open the door. We went up, left my things where Anna told me and joined her and her friends in the kitchen. There was Anna, Joanna (a roomie), Nuno (Joanna’s boyfriend) and Anna #2 (a friend that was visiting Berlin for the first time too). Anna offered me a beer and some biscuits Anna #2 had brought all the way from Poland. I was super hungry so I said yes to everything. She then noticed that, so she gave me some pasta to dine. A really warm welcome with cool people, nice conversation, a polish lesson and Soplica Hazelnut vodka shots!




Places/experiences lived in Berlin:



The last night before Anna had to work (night shift), we wanted to go to a bar in east Berlin. Joanna lend me her public transport pass and before trying to get in the bar, we sat on a bench next to it to finish the beer we picked up on the way. When we wanted to get in they told us they were already closing (?!). We decided to go to another one closer to where the Badeschiff is and we bought more beer and a Mars (my first Mars bar ever!) for the walking. We waited outside again to finish our beers but at the end we didn’t even try to enter the bar, we stayed outside chatting. Later, Anna said something that really made me laugh: “We’re such losers”.


Also, one day I wanted to use Joanna’s bike and since the wheels needed some air I tried to inflate them but it didn’t work. I just finished to deflate the tires and parked back the bike. Sorry Joanna.


“Ich bin ein Berliner”.

P.S. ¡Thank you very very much Anna!



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