Belated 2014 Post #3


T4: I loved the concrete and yellow steel structure with its bamboo covered roof (it’s a Kalzip sandwich panel roofing system, bamboo slats in the interior and aluminum on the exterior).


Madrid, España – September 1, 2014 (Super express stop)


The flight from Istanbul to Madrid was also with Turkish Airlines, but this plane was a bit older, uncomfortable, and the movies were in turkish (and I didn’t succeed at loading english subtitles). When I checked-in they changed my seat to one in a row which I thought was the A (the dude at the desk wrote something that looked exactly like this: Δ), but when I sat an annoying turkish lady tells me that I’m on her seat, to which I replied they had changed my seat and I showed her the ticket. “It’s the #D!” she exclaimed, as if it was super obvious (no, annoying lady, it’s not fucking common for me to use greek letters and use delta instead of a normal D).

Already in Madrid, I kind of knew how to get to Diana’s apartment (hello and thanks Rocío!). I went out of the terminal in which I was and got to the T4 on a free bus. There I asked where to take the Renfe, bought the ticket and got on the train. I looked for a place with Wi-Fi and ended up buying a tiny 5,5€ fruit salad (which at least was good) in a Holiday Inn. I messaged Diana and she quickly picked me up. In her apartment I met her cute little cat Mika (who thought my suitcase and backpack were toys) and her boyfriend Jorge. I only had time to eat and drink something, take a shower and decide what I would carry in my backpack for the next 2 weeks (Diana was super kind to take care of a friend’s brother’s friend suitcase).

I ran out of her apartment, got on the Renfe again and arrived to the airport 30 minutes before the departure. I thought I would lose the flight but still I managed to print the ticket, charge my phone in the bathroom (there was no other place) and be on time in front of the gate. I flew to Berlin with Iberia Express and for what I paid, I think it’s a really good low-cost option.


P.S. Thank you for everything Diana!




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