Hiking Chipinque up to the “M”


Yesterday we hiked Chipinque up to the point known as the “M” (which I think should be called the “W”). This point is around the 2,000m above sea level, the only (untrusted) source I found says it’s 2,030m asl.

To do this you have to send a climbing request to Parque Ecológico Chipinque (parquechipinque@chipinque.org.mx). First you ask for the request format, then you fill it and send it back. I recommend you call if they don’t reply. The day of your request you have to pay 50MXN per person and 100MXN for parking.

On average we carried 3L of water per person and some food (I was fine with a ham sandwich, a peanut butter sandwich and a banana). No one had gloves but some would’ve been useful. We started around 8:30 and descended around 14:30. A great experience, amazing views and an enjoyable company.

The team: Gago, Eva, Iker, Ferrara & me.


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